Mark McKenzie, Programme Manager, Central Plains Water Ltd.

Our experience with iTOPS has shown that they have the technical knowledge and expertise to deliver on their promises. iTOPS were able to quickly understand the requirements of the organisation and develop a suitable technical solution to meet those requirements. The iTOPS team were able to quickly adapt to changing requirements throughout the project lifecycle. They were able to design and offer a technical solution that was fit for purpose and were able to deliver on their promises. All iTOPS staff have been professional, friendly and responsive and any issues encountered have been resolved promptly. They are practical and cost effective and have demonstrated an ability to communicate effectively to users at all levels within our business. CPWL has now successfully established its own IT infrastructure and migrated across to the new system without significant impact to the day-to-day business operations. iTOPS have designed and implemented and managed a cost effective solution that has met our budget requirements and has exceeded our user expectations. The small iTOPS team were able to provide CPWL with consistent technically capable people throughout the project (familiar faces). We would recommend using iTOPS.

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